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How Long is The Assembly?  40 Minutes Start to Finish.

When Do You Arrive?  We arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your show for setup.

How Many Students Can you Perform For?  We have performed for over 1,000 students in some High School assemblies, so we have the equipment and ability to have large crowds, however we prefer to keep the audience in the 500-800 max range if possible.  We offer a 2nd show for only $597, so if your school is large, this is an option, not a requirement. 

How Long Does it Take You To Tear Down? Approx. 30 minutes, but we can get it done in 20 minutes if necessary.

Do You Bring Your Own Sound System?  Yes, in fact we bring a PRO Sound System, high quality so your students will hear the messages with clarity. 

Do You Need Anything From Us?  NO, we are fully self-contained, just the paved area (no grass or dirt) and access to an electrical outlet, we bring 100' of extension cords.  

Anything Else I need to Know? Yes,  as a professional sport, we like to have a little flexibility in setup locations on your playground due to factors such as sun direction, wind direction and slope.  We want the flattest possible area, and if possible the blacktop should be cleaned prior to our arrival as dirt, dust, leaves etc. just get in the way.  If not, it's ok, but if possible, have the area swept or blown free of loose material prior to the show, and please if possible, remain flexible in slight adjustments to your final setup and seating.  We bring cones to lay the area out, and can easily help direct the students when they are setting up.  

How Do We Seat The Kids?  We customize the seating arrangement upon arrival, collaborating with you, due to the many different scenarios having to do with sun, wind, ground slope, number of students and available area.  We normally set the kids up in a rectangular shaped area, leaving the short ends open for us, and the kids sit on both of the long sides of the rectangle.  This area is typically 100' X 40', however we are very flexible, so 99.9% of schools regardless of space, can still have the show.  You can text photo's of your area if this is in doubt (808-436-1600), for confirmation. 

Do You Require Payment Now Upon Booking?  No, we accept payment anytime from booking up to the date of the show.  If you use a Purchase Order, we accept those and payments arrive within 30 days after the show.  We also accept payment by CC with Paypal, however we charge a 3% added fee due to PayPal charging us for the payment method.  Most schools hand us a check or mail it in.  We prefer you mail it in, even on the show date as checks can sometimes get misplaced while on the road, mailing is safer.  

Can I Have Different Messages? YES,  we have years of experience adjusting our messages and themes to your needs, including bike safety/helmet-wear, character, anti-drug & anti-bullying, name it, we've likely done it.  Just let us know which theme you would like to focus on, and we'll make the adjustment. 

What happens if it rains?  We have a very simple method, we work in good faith with schools, and have for over 20 years.  If the weather is an issue, the first strategy is to go indoors in a gym if possible.  If this is not possible, we simply re-schedule you to another available date, no penalty.  Occasionally if you are in a location we only get to once per year, we will need to have a gym backup, but most schools can simply re-schedule, especially if located in California.  We can check weather forecasts up to the day before the show to make a last minute call if needed.  

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at the link below....Thank YOU!  Enjoy your show!

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