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GoGreen BMX Show Grande Finale Back-flip – What do the kids really remember?

Most of the time, the kids know what they are waiting for in this special school assembly.  The chants start quietly then get louder…. “backflip, backflip”.

Like any great show there is an art.  It has to build in intensity but over a 40-minute time span, it has to be built cyclically for the maximum effect at the ending.  A school assembly needs to have humor and make people smile, and the performers need to be personable and relatable to the audience.  Even laying this out well, the chants always come …”back-flip, back-flip”

Finally, after intentional delays and a degree of teasing the finale, the back-flip arrives, and the kids go crazy.  They love it as most likely there is no one in their area that could, or would attempt such a feat.

After the conclusion of our Grande Finale we say our thank you’s and goodbye’s, and then days or weeks later we often get postcards from the kids or write ups from the educators and parents.  But surprisingly, the back-flip is not what they remembered first.

What did they remember?

They remembered the energy, the positivity and the excitement of possibility.   They feel things that seemed impossible, are now possible in their own lives; just the way the riders made these things possible in theirs and have come to share at their assembly.  These are wonderful messages, and reminds us as a team why we do what we do.

Looking at a star, and seeing yourself…

One of the messages that is non-verbally communicated and highly impactful for youth is when they get to witness high-level professional athletes performing right there, on the very blacktop they play basketball on at recess.  X-Games Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalists on the GoGreen Team have visited schools and encouraged the youth with these powerful messages.  At first they see a star, someone different then them – but being there in person the admiration and respect turns to something greater.  They see another person, just like themselves, a person who started just like each and every one of them, a person who decided to believe in what is possible, not impossible.

They see someone trying to make them smile, trying to get them excited, and trying to give them some life-changing advice.  They recognize this person now somewhat as a peer and not just someone on a poster or in a televised competition.

To have internationally recognized “stars” come to a school and promote healthy living, positive thinking, anti-bullying and more creates a framework for success.  They do not feel like they are being told what to do, but want to hear what the athlete wants to share.  A part of them connects to the person they recognize who genuinely is there to bring entertainment and help them remember possibility.  Instead of always being told what not to do, they finally learn what TO DO to create a compelling and exciting future for themselves.

This is the secret sauce as to why the GoGreen BMX Show School Assembly is so popular, the schools and staff recognize the positive influence and power this method of education truly is.  Give your students the same experience, inspire them in an unforgettable way in 2023!


David W. Holden | Team Manager & Show Coordinator

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