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Happy Holidays from Your BMX School Assemblies Team

Holiday Blog from GoGreen BMX School Assemblies – Recalibrating Tomorrow.

“Never Quit”

The Holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on all of our successes and what some would say “failures”, I like to use the word “mis-calibrations”.  We can only learn to succeed in new things by trying new things, some of which work well, poorly, or just ok.

I like to look back on all the chaos, the non-stop days, and the slow times and take it all in to reflect on what changes we can make based on the information we have to make our performances more impactful, and our company a better company in every way.

One of the primary messages in our BMX school assemblies is encouraging the kids to never quit.  We teach them to stay in school and remember how important it is to follow through with the things we say we are going to do.  This message of course feels easy when things are going well, but learning that there will be difficult times we will need to get through to get to graduation is also important.  This is a primary learning experience for youth to recognize, that success isn’t always easy, it takes hard work and determination.  The “I will not quit” attitude is clearly communicated by each of our athletes who have mastered a craft allowing them to travel the world competing and turning a hobby into a professional career as a BMX Athlete/Rider.  Many of our BMX Athletes have even reached the pinnacle of our sport, an invite to the XGames that features the very best in the world.  Getting to this prestigious event is never easy, never guaranteed and is reserved for only a few, those with a special ability to succeed and truly “never quite”.  Your students will be so inspired to see these athletes perform in person during your bmx school assembly.

Their path to get where they are was hard-earned and tested through time.   The all have unique and fascinating stories of how they got to where they did, but they also all share one thing in common which they always share with the kids,  never quit, recalibrate and keep going.



David W. Holden | Team Manager & Show Coordinator

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