We are excited to introduce our newest act to a growing lineup of products and services offered by Royale Management Group, LLC. This newest show mirrors the high-flying action of our flagship program, the Go Green BMX Show, but brings a new twist, basketball dunk thrills.

Starting in the Fall of 2022, schools in California are in for a treat, a true slam-dunk show school assembly, pun intended. These pro acrobats fly off of special trampolines performing high-flying stunts and slam-dunks, think NBA Dunk Contest.. at your school LIVE.

But it is so much more, our pro basketball acrobats will deliver a powerful youth inspirational message, encouraging the kids to Live Their Dreams, Be Motivated and Never Give Up. They also spread a message of kindness, respect and to never act like a bully.

The show is a must-see assembly, your students will LOVE the high-flying acrobatic stunts, but more importantly, they will hear a great message that makes it worth their time out of class.

We all remember a few key moments while a child growing up in school, treating your students to an exciting Dunk or BMX Show is a sure thing fan favorite. Give them a lifetime of memories, and a message they will take with them as well. Many schools will want to start a seasonal rotation, alternating between the Dunk Show School Assembly and BMX Show School Assembly yearly, giving new groups of students 2 extremely high-energy and fun assemblies, one each Semester.

Call or submit our form today and get a FREE QUOTE, along with available dates, you won’t regret it, and the students will thank you for it!

David W. Holden | COI | Royale Management Group, LLC
Go Green BMX Show Founder | 1996

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